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The Ultimate Guide For A New Year’s Celebration with Fabulous Entertainmet Aerial Artistry

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

The Ultimate Guide For A New Year’s Celebration

Planning a New Year’s party, whether it’s for a large corporate gathering or an intimate group, can be a daunting affair. People celebrate the New Year in order to remember the good of last year, to shake off the bad, and to bring in a new period of their lives with a bang. You can spend all year planning a Holliday Party or New Year’s party - you want one that’s going to stand out. You’ve probably been to a New Year’s party that didn’t have any flare to it - a tasteless buffet, mediocre talent, drab decor, overpriced drinks, and bored people just waiting for Auld Lang Syne to play so they can get home and go to bed early. That is not what you want from your New Year’s event and that’s where we come in. Here at Aerial Artistry Agency, we hate boring! We’ll help you ensure that your New Year's event is something that people will talk about well into the next year.


Free-flowing drinks are essential to any New Year’s party because this is a time to let loose (but not too loose) and have fun. Imagine you’ve got an open bar with a charming bartender at your party - that’s pretty nice. Now, imagine you have an acrobatic bartender doing tricks while they pour your drink - even better.

Now, imagine that you have an acrobatic bartender suspended from a chandelier pouring champagne for your guests as they enter the party. That’s beyond expectations! That’s surreal! That’s what we offer at Aerial Artistry!!! Our Champagne Aerialists will stun your guests - few people expect floating champagne servers at a party. When you hire us, you’re getting the chandelier (though not for keeps, of course!), rigging, lighting, an assistant, and of course, the aerialist who will perform dazzling feats while serving champagne in midair. 


Party Entertaiment in New York

There’s something a bit surreal about New Year’s; it’s on the cusp of old and new, of remembrance and anticipation. You can embrace this in-between state by creating a surreal atmosphere of your own and we can help. As you’ve already read, we can provide you with people hanging from chandeliers who pour champagne -  that’s fairly surreal in and of itself and adds an atmosphere of magic to the night.

We can do far more than that, too. We have living tables, entertainers who flit about from guest to guest handing out drinks, cigars, business cards, or anything else your heart desires. They can be perched on tables like centerpieces!

You want your guests to feel like they’re the stars of the event, and what better way to feel like a star than a red carpet? One way is to have a living red carpet; a woman in a long, flowing red dress that turns into a carpet. It’s hard to even say this counts as “decor” and not entertainment because she’ll be playing music as well - truly a stunning start to your New Year’s night.


holidays event entertaiment

A New Years’ event just isn’t the same without great entertainment. You can really wow your crowd by having something a little more impressive than the stock magician you found in the Yellow Pages. We can create a holistic theme for your night, filled with all the right performers. 

Want to illuminate your night? We have some of the most incredible LED performers you’ll see anywhere. These electrifying performers use LEDs in a wide variety of different ways: you can get a band with LED costumes and instruments playing each note accompanied by a spectacle of light. You can hire LED jugglers, acrobats, and even aerial artists - every move they make is put into sharp relief by the incredible lighting they use in their act. Want to brand the event in a way no one will forget? Our LED artists can use your logo in their performance; that’s something no one is likely to forget.

We can do so much more. Aerial violinists play spectacular tunes while soaring through the skies. Acrobats and gymnasts perform mind-boggling feats of physical endurance and flexibility. High-wire acrobats, jugglers, tumblers, and balancing acts will astonish your guests and bring in the New Year with a bang. 

We provide everything you’ll need - the equipment, the performers, the safety measures, and more. Anything you could imagine at the most magnificent circus or the most incredible festival we can offer to you. We will transform your New Year’s Eve into an unforgettable night. We can help you plan the theme for the event, then make it happen so you can just  watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes. Our entertainers are second to none, so accept no substitute for bringing in a prosperous New Year.

The Setup

 LED performers

The only thing we can’t handle for you is getting people to your event, though when you advertise the incredible entertainment we’re going to provide, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. There are a few handy tips for getting your event advertised and organized: check out this checklist from Eventbrite in order to make sure you’ve got everything you need. There are some important things to do: finding a venue, figuring out how many people are going to attend, finding someone to cater the event, and getting the word out.

Managing the guest list can seem a bit tricky but you can use online appointment software to track who is coming as well as to get payment from your guests if it is a paid event. While online guest tracking is incredibly useful, it can feel a bit impersonal at times so you can counteract this by using printed materials. Create brochures or flyers to promote your event, and send out personalized invitations to those who have RSVP’d.

We believe that New Year’s should be the most unforgettable night of the year. By working together, we’ll make sure you and your guests will have fond memories of the night for years to come. Get in touch with us and we’ll create a magical evening - together. 

Christie Simon

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