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 Giant Martini Glass performers available for hire

Hire Burlesque Dancer in Giant Martini Glass 

The martini glass dancers is the perfect addition to make any event spectacular! This elegant Martini Glass performer can be used as a focal point to draw your guests eyes over to the amazing show at your event. Watch our beautiful brulesque dancers or acrobats perform inside the martini glass filled with sparkling water. Incorporate this unique giant martini glass into a drink-serving bar or scintillating performance, it will turn up the heat at any event! Your guests will be entertained with a spectacular martini glass dance show, fire can also be added for an extra ‘Wow’ factor. 

Giant martini glass performer featuring a burlesque dancer, contortionist, and more. engaging entertainment featuring a martini glass.

The Martini Glass dancer is the unique event idea  and the perfect centre piece for any corporate events, festivals, shopping mall promotions, private parties and trade shows.

Fabulous burlesque dances and incredible Giant martini glass contortionist performers available for hire

Martini Glass Burlesque Dancer Contortion in Giant Martini Glass 


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