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Contortion is a performance art in which performers called contortionists showcase their skills of extreme physical flexibility. Contortion acts often accompany acrobatics, circus acts, street performers and other live performing arts. Contortion acts are typically performed in front of a live audience. An act will showcase one or more artists performing a choreographed set of moves or poses, often to music, which require extreme flexibility. The physical flexibility required to perform such acts greatly exceeds that of the general population. It is the dramatic feats of seemingly inhuman flexibility that captivate audiences.


A contortionist may perform alone, may have one or two assistants, or up to four contortionists may perform together as a group.In the past, contortionists were associated almost exclusively with circuses and fairs, but recently they have also found work performing in nightclubs, amusement parks, in magazine advertisements, at trade shows, on television variety shows, in music videos, and as warmup acts or in the background at music concerts. 


When hiring contortionists a variety of options are available to shock and astonish the guests at your next party,  festival, circus, special event, or fundraiser. If you’re looking for extra special entertainment to give your event an edge hire a contortionist! Aerial Artistry amazing contortionists will literally bend over backwards to put on a fantastic show for you and your guests. With their superhuman flexibility and strength they can contort themselves into all kinds of impressive shapes that will amaze the crowds, ensuring that your occasion will definitely stand out from the rest.

Challenging the limits of the human body, our contortionist will delight with a multitude of acrobatic positions that are seemingly impossible to achieve.

Contortion Duo
Hire Contortionists for Your Event. The Best Professional Contortion Acts
To hire a contortionist visit aerial, top event contortionists, flexible performers, gymnast performers and contortionist shows for a adverticing, Festival, Circus, corporate event, private party or fundraiser.
Contortion on Canes
Our contortion acts our choreographed to showcase our circus performers extreme flexibility and combine movements, dance and poses.
Duo Contortionists
female contortion acrobatic act is an ideal novelty act for corporate events, parties, hotels and nightclubs
Group Contortionists
A contortionist may perform alone, may have one or two assistants, or up to four contortionists
Flexible Contortionists
Contortionists s are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any corporate events
Balancing Contortionist
Elegant and flexible contortionists will amaze your guests. Ideal entertainment for weddings, corporate events and private functions
Witness unbelievable acts of physical flexibility by hiring a contortionist for your next party or event. your guests won't blink until the show is over!
Contortion for Events
If you are looking for contortionists then look no further, we have a huge selection of contortionists available to hire for all type of events
Cirques Contortionists
Hire Contortionists for Your provides The Best Professional Contortion Acts
Contortionists for Ad
Unique Print advertisement with contortionist
Contortion is a beautiful art form suitable for a variety of events
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