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 Performance Speed Painter Renowned Speed Painting Artist and Event Entertainer. 


Our highly skilled artists can paint large portraits of iconic figures, celebrities, company logos and even CEOs in less than ten minutes and can incorporate all manner of branding and bespoke designs making them the perfect choice for corporate events celebrations and product launches. Some of our acts have also devised UV luminous art shows that work perfectly at blackout venues and clubs.  

Our talented speed painters offer conic portraits as our speed artist creates stunning likenesses of famous faces in just a few minutes. Out live event artist paints the canvases upside down so that the final reveal of the finished piece never fails to wow the crowd, and this magnetic entertainer can even make his live art masterpieces using revolving canvases. Though they may be some of the fastest painters in the world, our speed and glitter artists don’t compromise on quality and their artworks have gone on to raise as much as $100,00 each at auctions for charity.

Aerial Artistry offers you a fantastic selection of speed painters for events worldwide. Contact our team to arrange booking.

Speed Painter entertainment that will wow guests at corporate and private event create masterpieces in minutes

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