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Hire Aerial Bartenders & Creative Beverage Servers for special events and we

Our elegant aerial bartenders from the ground stand lollipop entertain guests while pouring bubbly beverages from above! An extravagant way to serve champagne or sparkling wine, aerial bartending is the perfect addition to any upscale event!

A glamorous way to take your event  to the highest level. Aerial bartending is a unique way to treat your guests to champagne and impress your guests from the first moment they come with a welcome drink! The lyra is a metal hoop hung vertically, upon which an aerialist executes stunning spins and pretty poses. This apparatus is also offered as a "lollipop lyra," where the hoop is mounted a top a metal pole and stage, which requires only a five-foot performance area. The setup is ground stand based so this allows the use an aerial bartender at any event without the need for ceiling rigging.


Each performer effortlessly oozes class and decadence as they effortlessly perform upside down on Lyra lollipop, aerial hoop or crystal chandelier! In addition to serving champagne, or any other drinks of your choice in a novel way, they can also serenade your guests with beautiful violin music whilst suspended from their ethereal perches. An extravagant way to serve your favorite drink, aerial bartending is a spectacular addition to weddings, black tie galas, grand openings, and high end events.



We had the champagne pourers on lollipops for wedding and they were FABULOUS!

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Imagine Circus provides multiple options to “rig off the grid” from an existing structure within a building that has a minimum ceiling height of 12 feet. Our professional rigging team can safely assess aerial needs ahead of time, and efficiently oversee on-site installations. When requested, we make it easy for you by communicating directly with the venue, event staff, and/or planning team.


For spaces lacking structural rigging options, we can offer our portable, free-standing aerial rig. With a total footprint ranging from 10’x10’ to 20’x20’, our rig is uniquely designed to fit in a variety of spaces with a minimum height of 12 feet. Using this setup, our aerial bartenders can hang from an apparatus of your choosing including silks, lyra or chandelier.


Our aerial hoop, or “lollipop lyra” is another visually stunning option for aerial bartending. For a smaller footprint, our aerial hoop is a great option, requiring just a 6’x6’ (round) space and 11’ height. Our lollipop lyra can be setup indoors or outside in less than 30 minutes.

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