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The Living Red Carpet - Red Carpet Ideas

Book Living Red Carpet for Corporate or Celebration!

Transform your venue with a unique experience for your guests to walk on the red carpet before realizing that it is part of a surreal, gown. The Living Red Carpet Lady will give your guests the star treatment as both a glamorous entry piece and Musician (SINGER/VIOLINIST/SAXOPHONIST). 

Acting as both entry piece and musician, the living red carpet is a real conversation piece. Offer a unique and alternative welcoming attraction for any event. The Living Carpet will create an exciting buzz and is a great way to meet and greet your guests.


Living Re Carpet is Perfect for VIP entrances, grand openings, weddings, corporate events and private parties!

The red carpet part of her dress comes in varying lengths to accommodate most entryways and outdoor entrances. Looking to create a custom entertainment experience for your next event? I am sure we have a unique way to make it happen! Contact us today

The Living Red Carpet Dress is a great way for your guests to enter with style at your event!



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