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Aerial Bartenders - Hire Chandelier Champagne Pouring Aerialists


Give A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase "Let's The Drinks Flow"Looking for a unique and eye catching way to serve your champagne and take your event in New York to the highest level. Book Champagne Aerialists and impress your guests from the first moment they come with a welcome drink served directly from the air!

Aerialists can be booked as Lyra hoop (Lyra Lollipop ) in the costume of your choice. 

Another very new performing art, the aerial bartender performs, serves, interacts with your guests, and makes them feel involved in the spectacle!Their grace will entertain your guests at corporate events,  award night, grand opening, holiday corporate party, fun private events or VIP parties.

We do have available free stand rigging for outdoor events. Approximately 18x20x20 with that said the support posts can have things an people place around them although it seems quite large,it can accommodate a number of spaces safely.

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Champange Aerialists

Champange Aerialists

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