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The quality of your event entertainment can make or break your event. From the main act to smaller elements and interactions, it is important to get it right. Whatever your event budget, here are some event entertainment ideas in Miami to inspire you.

Main event entertainment is the grand show. You may engage and appeal to your audience in hundreds of little ways throughout your event but main event entertainment is designed to awe and impress like nothing else you do.

Event entertainment should be audience focused. You want to offer them something they’ll enjoy and maybe be a little surprised by. It’s fair to say that despite what we in the industry try to do, many people roll their eyes at having to go to certain events. The mind-numbing drudgery of chatting to people you don’t know, the leaning in to read the name tag at a networking do, and the fact that the food can often be unappealing or cliche.

It’s time to change all that by sourcing some top-notch entertainment for your event. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, an awards show, or a private party, event entertainment is a great way to keep your guests…entertained!

Here are Spectacular Party Entertainment Ideas 2019 that will really surprise your guests.

ELECTRIC VIOLININST Music is a universal language that can bond an audience and move right through you, uplifting one from the core. Our Electric violinists do just that. Whether on-stage in a glittery gown, among the audience on stilts, or within a fantasy costume-characters, they perform with elegance and style. Wireless amplified, this act is perfect for high end events, cocktail party, grand openings and weddings.

CHAMPAGNE AERIALIST SERVER Take your event to the highest level. Impress your guests from the first moment they come with a welcome drink served directly from the air! Adding instant atmosphere and sophistication to your special event, beautiful champagne aerialist will greet your guests upon at arrival with a glass of champagne served while she suspended from crystal chandelier high in the air! 

CONTORTIONIST IN GIANT MARINI GLASS The martini glass dancers is the perfect addition to make any event spectacular! This elegant Martini Glass performer can be used as a focal point to draw your guests eyes over to the amazing show at your event. Watch our beautiful brulesque dancers or acrobats perform inside the martini glass filled with sparkling water. Incorporate this unique giant martini glass into a drink-serving bar or scintillating performance, it will turn up the heat at any event!  Giant martini glass performer featuring a burlesque dancer, contortionist, and more. Contortion in the Martini Glass is the new event idea and the perfect centre piece for any corporate events, festivals, shopping mall promotions, private parties and trade shows.

LED AND GLOW PERFORMER IDEAS Light up your event with our exciting LED and Glow performers! LED Light & Glow stilt walkers, cirque performers, aerial acrobats, champagne tables, hula hoops, pixel poi, DJ, jugglers, fiber optic dresses and much more will leave your guests glowing with excitement! Nothing lights up an event like an LED performer especially when fire breather isn’t allowed.

CHAMPANGE DIVA DRESS Add the strolling Champagne Diva Dress to your event and enjoy as they offer champagne or other delicious drinks/desserts to your guests. Glamorous, unique and functional, these living art pieces can work the room with 144 glasses or 1 oz beverage/dessert shots. Various costume styles and themes available Performance includes 2-hour set. Includes 144 premium acrylic champagne flutes (disposable) or 1 oz shot glasses (disposable).

MERMAIDS Decorate your pool with live Mermaid! Hire Mermaids for your cocktail party, pool party or private event. Mermaids can swim & perform in your pool, act as a conversation starter, pose for pictures with your guests, or maybe Mermaid goes Aerial! Dazzle your guests with a mermaid performing aerial acts!

Aerial Artistry offers whole host of different types of entertainment out there to suit your occasion. In fact, the only limit is probably your imagination! If we’ve inspired you with these ideas, then no matter what the budget, we are here to create the perfect event for you. TEL: +1917-755-7744

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