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Add A Spark To Your Trade Show With Aerial Artistry

There’s a really interesting article that ran in Forbes earlier this year. It’s titled “Why Trade Shows Are Still Important” and it makes a lot of good arguments for why properly preparing for a trade show can be a tremendous boon to your business whether you’re a law firm or a tech company. One of the arguments it makes is that meeting potential clients at a trade show is a particularly cost effective way of conducting client acquisition. Another argument it makes is that the best kind of marketing is diverse marketing; no two people think the same way and it takes all kinds of different marketing to reach all types of different people.

The crux of the article is about properly preparing for a trade show. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to a trade show where the people who organized a booth were not properly prepared and the person in the booth lacked the proper attire, information, or equipment. First impressions are important, especially at trade shows where standing out is the only way to get the attention of some of the hundreds or thousands of attendees. 

We’ve all seen the classic ways of doing this, and a lot of them can be pretty effective. You get a customized trade show banner, do giveaways, and train your trade show staff to be well-informed and excited to share what they know. The problem is that, at this point, everyone is doing these things so they don’t stand out any longer on their own. That’s where we come in.

Here at Aerial Artistry, we add that spark to your trade show that you might not have otherwise. There are a few different ways we can do it, depending on the theme of the trade show, your booth, and what the venue is like. One of our most popular methods of enhancing your booth is the use of promotional models. We like to add a little magic to everything we do, so the promotional models will always have something incredible, and maybe even a little surreal about them. You can expect amazing makeup and costumes that are tailor-made to suit your company and the trade show you’re at. Get in touch with us to make arrangements.

As we mentioned above, making sure your potential clients are well informed about the products and services you offer is a key element of the trade show dynamic. We believe the best clients are informed clients because they’ll make purchasing decisions based on what’s important to them, leading to less chance they’ll regret the decision down the line. We make sure our promotional models are so well informed, they can run your trade booth! In other words, we can ensure that they understand what it is you’re trying to sell, inside and out. 

Not everyone is going to have promotional models handling their trade booths, so you’ve already got a leg up over the competition. That said, some trade shows can be very lively; a trade show in Vegas, for example, will have you competing against some very showy booths with incredible decor and lively hosts. Fortunately, our services go beyond promotional models and depending on the what’s acceptable to the venue, we can do some pretty incredible things.

Christie Simon

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