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Aerial Bartenders Chandelier Champagne Pouring Aerialists


Take your event to the highest level. Impress your guests from the first moment they come with a welcome drink served directly from the air! Adding instant atmosphere and sophistication to your special event, beautiful champagne aerialist will greet your guests upon at arrival with a glass of champagne served while she suspended from crystal chandelier high in the air! 

A highly impressive and unique entertainment Aerial Bartenders or Aerial Champagne Waitresses are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any corporate events, fashion show, award night, trade show, grand opening, holiday corporate party, fun private events, luxury wedding or VIP parties, whether indoors or outdoors. 


Concession Designed and created by Aerial Artistry Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event! This act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our performer is hanging (upside down) from the ceiling above the audience and surrounded by a beautifully designed chandelier. While hanging through the chandelier, she dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below.

Each performer performs upside down on a trapeze, aerial hoop, or crystal chandelier! In addition to serving champagne, or any other drinks of your choice


We do have available free stand rigging for outdoor events.
We currently have 3 different sizes available! All chandeliers come with the chandelier, costume, aerialist, assistant, rigging, and lighting. 
Small Chandelier: good for spaces with the celling 16 feet and higher.
Medium chandelier: good for spaces with the celling 18 feet and higher.
Large chandelier: good for spaces with the celling 20 feet and higher. 

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Grand openings, Award Ceremonies ,Gala Dinners, Private events , VIP parties, Thematic Parties, Christmas Parties, Art shows, Fashion shows, Wedding receptions


Birthday parties, Corporate parties, Night clubs

Shopping Malls, Festivals Product launches, 

Conference entertainments, International events, Trade shows


Aerial bartenders, living red carpet, cirque acts, DJs, strolling tables, promotional models, atmospheric characters, choreographers, stilt walkers, aerial acrobats, and so much more!

Champagne Aerialists

Champagne Aerialists

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