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Aerial bartender champagne server Las Vegas Events​


Watch as these beautiful champagne aerialists, suspended from a simple hoop in the air, elegantly pour champagne (or any other exotic drinks!) for your guests whilst hanging upside down! 

Book this amazing aerial circus act to add ‘wow factor’ to your event.  Las Vegas-based Aerial Servers are beautiful and breathtaking aerial artistry guaranteed to wow guests at any event! Our Beautiful Aerial Champagne Servers are a popular choice with those looking to push the boundaries and offer guests a dramatic and truly impressive visual spectacle, making ideal entertainment option for corporate events and product launches in Vegas!

Combining remarkable strength, extreme flexibility, and creativity, aerial performer Leah offers unique entertainment with definite ‘wow factor’ and can perform using a range of apparatus, including silks, Lyra, trapeze, harness, and Spanish web.

We currently have 3 different sizes available! All chandeliers come with chandelier, costume, aerialist, assistant, rigging, and lighting. Small Chandelier good for spaces 16 feet and higher, Medium Chandelier good for spaces 18 feet and higher and Large Chandelier good for spaces 20 feet and higher. 

Each performer perform upside down on a trapeze, aerial hoop, or even crystal chandelier! In addition to serving champagne, or any other drinks of your choice in a novel way, they can also serenade your guests with beautiful violin music whilst suspended from their ethereal perches. We do have available free stand rigging for outdoor events. Approximately 18x20x20 with that said the support posts can have things a people place around them although it seems quite large,it can accommodate a number of spaces safely.

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Small Size
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Medium Size
Free Stand Rigging

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New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles  /  Tel. 917-755-7744

New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles  /  Tel. 917-755-7744

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