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LED Light Performers- Glow Entertainment 

LED AND GLOW Entertainment Ideas

Light up your event with our exciting LED and Glow performers! LED Light & Glow stilt walkers, cirque performers, aerial acrobats, champagne tables, hula hoops, pixel poi, DJ, jugglers, fiber optic dresses and much more will leave your guests glowing with excitement! Nothing lights up an event like an LED performer especially when fire breather isn’t allowed.  Let our entertainment specialists customize and create your LED & Glow characters for your next event. 


Also, backlight dancers are one of the most popular performances of its kind.  Combining breathtaking art of movement with elements of Visual Illumination will provide an amazing visual impact that will WOW audiences at any event. LED Lights performances can incorporate company branding, logos and pictures into a personalized performance, making them an ideal entertainment option for promotional events, advertising and product launches. 


Light up your event with one of our exceptional LED and Glow performers! 

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