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There is no better way to send shivers down your guests’ spines this October than with some truly spooky Aerial Artistry HALLOWEEN WOW Entertainment Whether you want to frighten or dazzle your audience, we have a range of creepy walkabout characters, scary stage shows, and Unexpected Flying performers for your Halloween event.

To help you on the way to finding the perfect SPOOKTACULAR accompaniment to your Halloween party, we have compiled a list of our top 10 Halloween themed entertainment options. Perfect for festivals, haunted house parties and corporate events, we have everything from spider aerialists, to twisted circus show and even a Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ themed flash mob! Prepare to be terrified this Halloween with our unique entertainment ideas!

1. AERIAL SPIDER.  Our amazing aerial spider offers a fully choreographed extravaganza packed full of daring balances and freaky flexibility! Our performer demonstrates grace and elegance as she contorts her body in and around the netting. This act is filled with breath taking maneuvers as she twists and turns mid-air with only the net for support. Another act great for aquatic water themes!

2.  OLD SCHOOL BURLESQUE CIRCUS ACTS. Nothing like an old circus to make your halloween event as spooky as it can get.A genuine style burlesque party with a circus twist and high quality burlesque and circus entertainment, retro music, vintage hairdresser, old school barbers, candy girls, charity tumbler, cupcake bar, absinth bar, Burlesque Circus photobooth, burlesque market, fortuneteller and much more. Different themes, taking you back to the real oldschool performance of the Bump n Grind and sideshows from the 50s. Hire Twisted Circus and Cabaret.

CONTORTIONISTS AND ACRO-BALANCE. will bring a nightmarish edge to your event with their unnerving interactive act! Combining inhuman contortions and acro-balance with silent acting they will mix and mingle with guests, testing their bravery! Your guests’ will be screaming and laughing at this incredibly unique walkabout Halloween act.   Ambiance Harlequin performers will not only stun guests with their shocking contortions and acrobatics, they also make for a great photo opportunity with their uniquely printed catsuits. For an additional wow factor these Halloween walkabout characters can perform alongside huge stilt walking quadrupedal aliens for an out of this world experience at your dark themed event.

THRILLER IMPERSONATOR. This incredibly unique thriller Impersonator performance is one of our best Halloween shows! As you may have guessed, this fantastic dance show is a fully choreographed performance, with professional dancers in scary get-ups dancing to Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller video. The show’s fast-paced dance moves and surprise performance style are ideal for capturing your guests’ attention! As our scary graveyard characters suddenly burst into dance your guests’ will be completely taken by surprise by a fantastic ‘zombie-style’ dance routine performed to this iconic song – your guests can event get involved and dance along! This outstanding high-end Halloween dance show works well at promotional events, Halloween parties and corporate events.

AMBIANCE PERFORMERS. Interactive Entertainment has the creativity and the resources necessary to transform your Halloween party next level, unique and different experience that will freak your guests. Great for meet and greets, photo ops and more…our Cirque Characters will delight audiences as they interact with one another and guests causing laughter throughout the crowd.

There’s no doubt that this fang-tastic Halloween extravaganza will have your guests screaming for more.

FLYING WITCHES. - Our AerialWitches are going to make everyone scream with their incredible Flying Skills and magical brooms. Suspended in the air, our aerialist twirls and pivots through a whirling hoop performing stunning feats of grace and dexterity in a blend of strength, technique and artistic expression. Performing at times with a single hand or foot through her strap, while hanging upside down and showcasing her dynamic tricks, the element of difficulty and danger.

AERIAL CHANDELIER BARTENDER. Halloween is not Halloween without a giant Chandelier Full of spiders and a spooky skeleton Aerialists to pour magic potions  to your guests. Aerial Bartenders or Champagne Chandeliers are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event, Our graceful aerial bartenders pour it as they float above your guest. The aerial chandelier can hold over a dozen bottles and can be hung indoors or outdoors with our portable aerial rig. Aerialists will pour champagne or other alcoholic beverages for your guests while suspended in the air from large crystal Chandelier.

This fabulous entertainment option is ideal as ambient entertainment for Halloween public events and parties whilst guests mingle. The carvings can be bespoke to your scary event, portraying themed characters, a logo, new product or personal message to your guests.  

LIVING STATUES. Our Living Statues will stun your guests with their exquisite and realistic detail. People will think they are looking at genuine Marble or bronze statues until they discover that it’s actually living, breathing art. Everyone always gets a huge kick out of our Living Statues. They are great icebreakers as well as a unique photo opportunity, Hire Living Statues, Book Human Statues, Human Statues For Hire 

SWORD SWALLOWER - FIRE EATERS - Freak Show, Sword Swallowing, Bed of Nails, and Pincushion, Stunts blockhead, Light Bulb eating, and Fire-eating, Glass Walking, Performer stomps and jumps on a pile of broken glass. from full-length shows, to short acts, to atmosphere entertainers 

LED CYR WHEEL ACT. The world's first Pixel wheel. It's fully capable of displaying text and company logos as well as being timed precisely to the music to bring that extra wow factor to any event. There are multiple Volta wheels available for bookings so the magic that they bring can be scaled up to fit the biggest productions. Book Today!

DIABLO. The diabolo is a juggling prop consisting of an axle and two cups or discs. This object is spun using a string attached to two hand sticks. The diabolo includes tosses and various types of sticks, string, and various parts of the user's body. Multiple diabolos can be spun on a single string. Book today.  

BIRDCAGE. Aerial Birdcage act aerial showgirl dazzles the audience within a giant birdcage measuring 6’ in diameter and 9’ tall. This custom apparatus can be rigged from the ceiling, or stand free on any even surface fitted with an aerial hoop. 

 BUBBLE ACT. Bubbly personality takes on a literal meaning when  performer gets inside a balloon and performs from within. Spectacular, Surreal, this is an act that will inspire the senses. The routine ends with bubble explosion.

Be Afraid, Be Very AfraidWhether you want to create a spooky atmosphere for a family audience, or downright terrorize your guests, we have a whole range of ghoulish Aerial Artistry Entertainment Ideas spanning across the horror spectrum. All of our Halloween acts can be tailored to yous specific requirements whether you are organizing a corporate event, private party or Halloween festival. Start planning your Halloween party now and get in contact with one of our entertainment coordinators who will be happy to help! Call Today 917-755-7744

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