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Complete Wedding Entertainment Services - with Aerial Artistry


Wedding Entertainment Services in New York - Aerial Artistry

We have the perfect entertainment for wedding ceremony, or reception, wherever you choose to hold it in USA from New York to Miami and Las Vegas.

With hundreds of amazing entertainers Aerial Artistry Entertainment Agency can provide classical musicians for ceremonies in New York, singing waiters for weddings in Miami and party bands for receptions.

Photo Booth

Fun, fresh and unique, photo booths are an awesome way to capture all those goofy moments. Let's face it, who doesn't love squishing into a photo booth with friends and pulling all sorts of outrageous faces? This is a perfect way to entertain your guests and let them have something to remember your big day for years to come.

Wine Tasting

If you're after something a little more sophisticated, then a wine tasting (adults only) is the way to go. Set up stations around your venue and offer a selection of wines for your guests to try. Look for unusual and unique wines that your guests wouldn't have heard of, and hire an expert to share information whilst they drink. Aerial Bartenders-Glamorous way to take your event to the highest level. Impress your guests from the first moment they come with a welcome drink served directly from the air! Adding instant atmosphere and sophistication to your special event, Our graceful Champagne Aerialists will greet guests upon arrival with a glass of champagne served whilst they are suspended high in the air!We are the destination entertainment experts, with wedding entertainment to suit the occasion; whatever the budget, location or bride’s requirements! Book an amazing Entertainment.


Nothing beats a good laugh, so hire a comedian and you'll be sure to have your guests in stitches before the day is done. There are comedians out there for all occasions, but whatever you do pick one that can deliver clean comedy that isn't going to offend any of your guests. This can be tricky, but you know your family and friends best.

Wedding Entertainment Services in Miami - Aerial Artistry


Cartoon artists are always a big hit for wedding entertainment. Quirky portraits of the guests and wedding party are guaranteed to get people smiling, and everyone loves to take them home and laugh at them later. Yes they're complete and utter silliness, but that's what makes them so much fun.

Belly Dancers

Belly dancers are enchanting and alluring and they usually cause quite a stir, especially among the male guests! Hiring a skilled professional dancer will provide mesmerizing and exciting entertainment that will elevate the energy of your entire event. If you're feeling particularly daring then opt for a Zeffa and have your belly dancer dramatically lead you and your hubby into the reception hall after dinner. Perfect for themed weddings with Middle Eastern twist.


Keep your guests guessing with a magician or illusionist and deliver magical wedding entertainment that guests of all ages can enjoy. Shop around for a magician that actually pertains some mystery around his tricks, and if possible have him get the guests involved in the show and even give out a few secret tips that they can try for themselves.

Wedding Entertainment Services in Los Angeles - Aerial Artistry


Acapella is all the rage these days and it's not hard to see why. Look for a group that is flexible with their song selection and you can have them sing all your favorite tunes, as well as those requested by your guests. A cappella groups make for awesome wedding entertainment that is a welcome change from traditional wedding bands, and they certainly beat the iPod!

Dance Contest

If you want to get your wedding guests up and moving, plan a dance contest! We're not talking about anything as extravagant as Dancing With The Stars, but you should notify guests a few weeks in advance so those that want to get involved can confirm their participation and prepare their contest piece. The prize doesn't need to be anything fancy, this competition is all about friendly fun with the sole purpose of getting people on the dance floor.

Fortune Teller

Add an element of mystery and intrigue to your big day by getting a fortune teller to come and entertain your wedding guests. Everyone loves to be told that they are going to be next in line to find the love of their life or that some exciting changes are on the horizon. Not only will this be superb entertainment for your guests, it will also ensure that your wedding reception was a totally unique experience for all attending.

Cocktail Bar

Who doesn't like hanging out at the bar and indulging in their favorite cocktails for free? Find a mixologist who really understands the art and craft of mixing cocktails, can concoct incredible new and exotic drinks, and knows how to push the limits of classic bartending. Your guests will be in such awe that they will be glued to the bar all night.

Casino Royale

If you are looking to host a cool, sophisticated, and unique wedding day then what could be better than a Casino Royale themed evening function. Bring all of the glitz and glamour of the casino to your event and make it one to remember. There will be something for all your guests to enjoy, from the serious poker fanatics to the easy going roulette lovers, everyone can have a flutter.

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