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A top entertainment agency for corporate parties and special events with various entertainers, cirque performers, and Dancers for Gala dinners shows.

#1 Contortionists

Challenging the limits of the human body, our contortionist will delight with a multitude of acrobatic positions that are seemingly impossible to achieve. 

#3 Acrobats

(duo) and up for trio and quad. Hand to hand balancing acrobats perform an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina. Two to four acrobats complete difficult maneuvers demonstrating perfect synchronization, while fusing power and strength.


Prices are depending on situation and additional props Performers dazzle audiences by performing multiple synchronized somersaults and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace. High energy talent that adds more dimension to any Cirque performance.


The world's first Pixel wheel. It's fully capable of displaying text and company logos as well as being timed precisely to the music to bring that extra wow factor to any event. There are multiple Volta wheels available for bookings so the magic that they bring can be scaled up to fit the biggest productions. Book Today!


Acrobatics poles have been around for many years. This act will amaze audience as these performers climb, twist, flip and turn on the cubeor poles.A stunning display of synchronization and counter balance, our cube pole performers master difficult maneuvers and various acrobatic positions requiring an enormous amount of upper body strength. 


Our rhythmic gymnasts are a feast for the eyes. From delicate pirouettes with their ribbon to animated interpretive dance with a ball, their performance is forever enchanting, guests will be amazed when they see how objects are quickly thrown in the air and caught by our performer in the most unusual of ways.


With her svelte body and delicate grace, our contortionist whisks a multitude of colorful hoops around her body

while continuously demonstrating an abundance of difficult acrobatic positions throughout. She is a sight to behold as she never loses motion or contact with the rings, creating a beautiful mixture of unique images. 


Set to a dramatic soundtrack, complex juggling patterns are performed in partial light and black light, with computer-controlled props to produce a breathtaking visual experience. A microprocessor at the heart of every club controls internal light-emitting arrays allowing the clubs to change color, strobe and be synchronized with the music. Book  Professional Jugglers are perfect for any type of corporate event entertainment.


Combine parkour, free running, and acrobaticstunts, with spring-loaded and leg-attachments the power skip performers will excite your audience with a non-stop, high energy routine that consists of multiple synchronized somersaults and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace. This act also includes audience participation for those willing to live on the edge!


Sphere contortion performance is a versatile framing ambient act,  with the illusion of having our performers enveloped by large spherical bubbles. Sphere performers use contortion, dance, manipulation and balance while being perfectly framed from all angles. On Water: Dancers float freely while capturing the eye with synchronized duets or entrancing solo. On Land: Sphere can be used for a variety of themes. Hire Bubble Sphere, Water Spheres, Book Bubble Contortionist.


Be prepared to be amazed as our acrobats put on a show that will have you on the edge of your seats. 2-artists will work together to blend roller skating, dance, balancing and acrobatics into an artful performance. Watch as neck harnesses suspend skaters, spinning in mid-air with their skates high off the ground. With roller skates stunts performers always landing safely back on their roller skates.


Measuring over 5ft tall, the glamorous Giant Martini Glass is part living décor and installation art. With a variety of interactive cabaret-contortion performers available – including martini contortion bartender– the Martini Glass can be used as an entrance way, bar centerpiece or as a focal point for your room design.


Sparkling luxurious surprise with Contortion in Giant Martini glass! Professional contortion or burlesque performer will incorporate this unique prop into a scintillating performance or drinks serving that will turn up the heat at any event! Martini Glass Burlesque Act is perfect for all themes: Burlesque, UV party, Bubble bath party, Champagne spray party. The Life size Martini Glass is big enough to house glamorous dancers.


A unicycle is a one-wheeled human powered vehicle. This act perched 15’ high on an ‘extended’ unicycle. Watch as bowls are tossed up to him from an acrobatic assistant, he catches these bowls, puts them on one foot while maneuvering steadily forward and back with the other to maintain his balance, then flips the bowls from his feet to his head. Starting with just one bowl, guests will be amazed with the high energy and speed of a skilled athlete our unicyclists in colorful costumes present a world-class unicycle performance


CHANDELIER (SMALL) Champagne Chandeliers' is stunning entertainment concept for any event! This act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets While hanging through the chandelier, she dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below. Small Chandelier: good for spaces 16’ and higher/. Dynamic and visually stunning, our aerial champagne chandelier act is sure to leave a lasting impression at your function


Aerial Bartenders or Champagne Chandeliers are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event, Our graceful aerial bartenders pour it as they float above your guest. The aerial chandelier can hold over a dozen bottles and can be hung indoors or outdoors with our portable aerial rig. Aerialists will pour champagne or other alcoholic beverages for your guests while suspended in the air from large crystal Chandelier.


The most unique acrobatic aerial Violinist an enchanting new performance. Comprising an elegant aerial acrobatic show and virtuoso violin playing, this is a performance that would perfectly compliment drinks receptions, awards ceremonies, corporate dinners, open air concerts and music festivals, black tie balls and much more. Offering bespoke performances that will add a unique and personal touch to any event.


Watch breathlessly as our seemingly weightless acrobats,attired in vibrantly colored costumes, soar through the air performing dynamic gymnastic tumbling and aerial dance displays in unison and counterpoint, reaching astounding heights and speed. Whether they are the main entertainment attraction or ambiance entertainment, these aerialists are great for everything from the circus and fairs to corporate events and fundraisers. 


Suspended in the air, our aerialist twirls and pivots through a whirling hoop performing stunning feats of grace and dexterity in a blend of strength, technique and artistic expression. Performing at times with a single hand or foot through her strap, while hanging upside down and showcasing her dynamic tricks, the element of difficulty and danger.


Lollipop lyra is a great option for when you want to add a huge wow factor to your event, but you don't have the ceiling height or space for aerial. Lollipop lyra can be performed solo, but looks even more exciting when performed as a duo! The lollipop lyra requires a footprint of 10x10ft and a ceiling height of 12ft.


Our performer demonstrates grace and elegance as she contorts her body in and around the netting. This act is filled with breath taking maneuvers as she twists and turns mid-air with only the net for support. Another act great for aquatic water themes!


Watch as our performer finishes this act by flying around the top of the rope with only the strength of one hand! In a display of skill and grace, our performer(s) fly high above the audience while being spun only by the rope looped around an ankle or wrist. Performing in unison, they are a magnificent combination of peril and poise.


Suspended in the air, our aerialist twirls and pivots through a whirling hoop performing stunning feats of grace and dexterity in a blend of strength, technique and artistic expression.Combining the elegance and grace of classical ballet with the strength and power of aerial hoop, a dynamic performance has been created.


Our performers fly through the air in this act first performing synchronized moves apart then becoming joined where they display both strength and agility as they balance and contort their bodies together in mid-air.


Helium Fantasy is an amazing aerial performance that fills corporate events and private functions with magic and color! It can be performed outdoor or on a big indoor stage. A gigantic bunch of balloons floats in the air whilst an acrobat performs underneath. This show is performed without rigs or cranes, and can be static or mobile. Anything is possible with Helium Fantasy!


One of the most active performers Burlesque scene. Hire perfect Burlesque Entertainment or Burlesque Dancer for your event! Aerial Artistry has premier Burlesque Entertainers available to perform at your next formal event, private party or corporate function. 


Whether it’s waltz, tango, or foxtrot, our Ballroom dancers dazzle in pairs, and can be booked for a stage routine of interactive live event or private dance instruction.


OUR Showgirls is known for our crème of the crop real Las Vegas Showgirls in spectacular costumes. Premier Showgirls' are 5 Star; professional, personable, graceful, talented, & gorgeous. Providing Showgirls & talent for all types of events. 


Growing in popularity, belly dancing is an excellent from of exercise as well as a way to stay flexible and limber. With traditional costumes of flowing scarves, beads and finger cymbals (zils), belly dancers dress in vibrant colors and are entertaining to watch. Her performances are known for having a contagious energy, expressive emotion, and superb technique. We have performance packages for every type of event from huge glamorous Arabian Nights themed parties, to small office functions and everything in between. You can hire one or two dancers or the entire Professional Troupe. 


Greet your guests upon arrival with a gorgeous human strolling table serving glasses of champagne. They will get the attention of anyone who passes by or since they are mobile, they can go to where the guests are. All of our costumes are custom made for your event. We can create any theme or character, If you have a product or logo to promote and integrate it into our costuming. Book Strolling Tables Today!


The Candy Cane Hostesses provide a unique meet and greet centerpiece at any corporate or private event.These glamorous Hostesses are the perfect walk about act to serve all sorts of delicious treats at your event! They wander amongst your guests, interacting and offering a delicious range of treats. With a tray attached to their costumes they are able to offer both hot and cold canapés. Cigarette Girls & Vintage Candy Girls, The Sugar Dolls available. Book today!


Peg Stilts and skilled Specialty 4 Peg Stilt Walkers are a great addition to any event. Their charming characters work well during cocktail hours, meet & greets, photo ops and for other strolling entertainment no matter the event, these Stilt Walkers are sure to be the center of attention. Highly-skilled stilt walkers offering a range of themed costumes  and performers available to hire for corporate and private events.


The Quick Change Act is 8 minutes in length is very fast paced with instant magic quick change costumes. Moving in and out of complex sequences while changing the costumes in a blink of the eye. “How do they do it?!”


Light & Glow stilt walkers, cirque performers, aerial acrobats, champagne tables, hula hoops, pixel poi, DJ, jugglers, fibre optic dresses and much more will leave your guests glowing with excitement!Stunning unique LED and Glow walkabout acts and stage shows available to book for corporate and private events. Book LED performers